Building the Tamara Team

Update: The film company like the script and I’ve also sent them a Visual Narrative. They have asked me along for a meeting with a ‘bigger cheese’ to discuss working with experienced professionals. These may include a writer and director who will mentor my less experienced small team. Critically, we have secured an adequate budget.

I’ve been reworking the script and have created visuals for the characters and for the scene where the story is set.

We have, potentially, a couple of actors in mind who are known to us. Watch for an update next month.

Meanwhile… if any actors are interested (for a very modest fee) and available for a couple of days in the London area (timescale as yet unknown), the role descriptions are below!

  • Male, mid-40s to mid-50s, London accent
  • Male, late-20s to mid-30s, London accent
  • Female, over-50 (non-speaking)
  • Female, over-60 (non-speaking)
  • Male, mature, for voice-over (think John Motson)


Writing Time

I read somewhere that a screenplay should be 80 – 120 pages and will typically take about three months to complete a reasonable first draft. Add on another month for improvements and rewrites.

Of course, professionals writing for a TV company often have less than a week per episode but I’m a long way from that level! I have managed 8 pages for my short film – it was about a page longer but now it’s better quality. Based on the guidelines I was taught, 8 pages = 8 minutes of screen time.

  • According to Sundance: “a film that’s less than ten minutes has double the chances of being programmed” – so that’s good.
  • According to Hollyshorts; “You might find yourself in more festivals if you make a 5 minute short versus a 15 minute one” – also good.

And there’s some interesting stuff in this blog post from the New York Film Academy.

Meanwhile, I’ve progressed from the initial script approval to being asked to prepare a presentation for a pitch to investors and actors. I need to consider a time era and include a wish list of who I’d like to see perform the various roles.

It’s starting to get interesting!

Back on Track – Film stuff!

My interest in a film career started in 2011 and was sidetracked sometime after 2016 when Hollywood (or Pinewood, for that matter) didn’t thrust a contract in my direction. Without formal employment, I lapsed into making short promos for companies in and around London. It wasn’t easy, though, as I don’t have quality equipment or the means to invest in it.

Recently, someone threw me a lifeline. Nothing may come of it but it sparked something and I have resolved to resume work on some of the short film scripts that have been languishing in limbo for a couple of years.

We’ve all been “Waiting for Tamara” for a long time…

Writing, Waiting… & my life of leisure

Latest update… still trying to find a sponsor for Waiting for Tamara, the production team is on the case!

Meanwhile, I have been collaborating on a number of writing projects, globally, whilst looking for suitable employment. Obviously, I’ve also been watching films, comedy shows, YouTube channels and playing PS4 games to hone my multi-tasking skills. Also, I recently went to see comedian Jimeoin perform live at a local theatre.

I have been lucky enough to get a ticket for RTX London on 14/15 October 2017 – which was sold out within 2 hours!! My master plan is to turn up and ask for a job in the Rooster Teeth UK office, should they ever decide to set one up (me and a thousand other hopefuls, probably).

Living near London has many advantages, one of them being the plethora of theatres. Some plays I’ve enjoyed during 2016/17 include: The Comedy about a Bank Robbery (Criterion, Piccadilly Circus, where I previously saw The 39 Steps – both shows very funny), Once in a Lifetime (Young Vic, Waterloo/South Bank), and The End of Longing (Playhouse Theatre) written by and starring Matthew Perry (Chandler from Friends).

A while ago, I was in the studio audience (again) to watch an episode being recorded for the new series of Not Going Out – the one with Emma Bunton and Susie Dent in a jacuzzi. It’s better for me that the the show has moved to Elstree Studios because it took ages to travel to and from Teddington Lock.

So… writing. I’m developing a couple of ideas into scripts for shorts films, no more than 20 minutes. One is a rom-com and the other is a pilot for a sit-com.

Must go, my life of leisure awaits!

Just when you think it’s all over…

Hooray, Hurrah… school’s out!!! As we attended our final day at the London Film Academy, I was invited back to develop one of my scripts and produce a short film of “Waiting for Tamara“, together with Ron Zlatkin as director.

The Academy offered to provide support in terms of equipment and facilities and suggested that some of their current students would be willing to volunteer as crew members as it’s a great opportunity for them. We are now working on finding a budget to cover other costs, such as location, cast and general expenses during the shoot.

Shout-out to Agents, Actors and Angels…
If you are able to support this project by donating your time or funding, please contact me by leaving a comment (comments are not public unless I approve them so you can leave your details). The deadline is approximately end of 2016 as we hope to start shooting in January.

I still have to assemble a few cuts from the films I’ve contributed to whilst attending the LFA and will be editing them into a new showreel of my recent work, reflecting various skills I’ve acquired in writing, directing and editing.

Meanwhile, the London Showcase will be held in November at the British Film Institute (BFI), where those of us who have passed will be presented with our diplomas. I achieved three merits, including scriptwriting and directing.

Onwards and Upwards!