LFA: First Term Completed & Visual Narratives

It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaas! During the Autumn, we were filming short silent-ish films, known as Visual Narrative. In other words, the story had to be conveyed without relying on dialogue. The brief for the first film also called for the film to be edited in camera – using one camera, filming and editing each scene sequentially.

We worked in teams, filming over weekends in various locations near the Academy. We each directed our own scripts and it was interesting how some took much longer to complete than others. We were able to add mood music afterwards, during final editing.

Inspired by various directing styles, including Charlie Chaplin and Sergio Leone, I was most likely influenced by Edgar Wright’s filming techniques, as I wrote the first visual narrative as a comedy script just after reading a review of his work.

The second visual narrative was a complete contrast; a mystery thriller with two shots that, on reflection, remind me of Quentin Tarrantino and his ‘foot fetish’.  The rest could be considered ‘Hitchcockian’.

My (almost silent) films were well received by my peers and I plan to post them to my show reel page. At LFA, we work in teams so, as well as writing and directing my VN films, I was responsible for lighting one of the others – a thriller – and I acted in another of the films – a comedy.

Finally, towards the end of term, we had another film project which I’ll cover in the next post, in the new year.

Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy my festive break and hope to be totally refreshed for 2016. Happy Christmas everyone!