Freelance Videographer

It seems that I have found my niche for now. Having edited a startup company’s i-phone video as a favour, I proceeded to give them some tips on how it could easily be improved. Next thing I know, an improved video is emailed to me with a request for editing plus a promise of payment and future work!

Recently, they wanted to film a short informal QA session in their offices and invited me along for a preliminary meeting. The room has harsh overhead lights, glass partitions (the main office and windows are visible through the partition), a single-glazed window on the opposite wall (which overlooks the cross-rail construction site) and reflective whiteboard, TV screen and framed glass fixed wall hanging on the other two walls.

As a startup company, they have many expenses and have to manage the budget carefully so we had to work with what we had. The best backdrop was the frosted panel on the glass partitions so the “video star” was positioned there as I set up the frame, still using an i-phone as the latest ones are excellent for this job.

Several takes were needed to ensure that there would be enough usable footage for editing without disruptive external noises. The shoot took less than half a day, so did editing/re-edit requests (excluding time spent travelling and preliminary discussions). During editing, I added sub-titles and corporate branding.

  • Film equipment used: i-phone and backup camera (each with tripods)
  • Editing software used: Final Cut Pro

It would be great to have lights, diffusers, external mic, backdrops and blue/green screen if this freelance work continues.

Here is the final version of the corporate video:

Contact me if you require my services in London / Herts.

New Updated Showreel

My 2 minute showreel has been finely honed down to 1 minute especially for those busy employers for whom I need to make a fast and favourable first impression so here it is.

Intro from Mr King: (Henry  Douthwaite) “Rise and shine!”
Viktor (Steve Mace) “Who the ‘heck’ are you?”

For readers enjoying a leisurely break and able to watch the full two minute showreel, I offer up a little more detail below.

The showreel opens with a clip from Mr King (which was shown at the Cannes film festival last year) leading to an introduction to me. We are then launched into clips from a few short films of various genres.


Filmed as a visual narrative, I wrote this gentle comedy as a tribute to Charlie Chaplin and Sergio Leone. I also directed the shoot and edited ‘in camera’ which means that it had to be shot in sequence (the unedited version was then given a grade by tutors and I later edited the film fully in my own time). The Chaplin tributes were filmed in colour, then later edited to black and white; the Leone shots were also colour-edited to have a more ‘western’ feel (those clips are not featured in the 1 minute showreel shown above – see the full 2 minute showreel).

Mr King

As First Assistant Director I was also responsible for casting, and the three main actors were first class in this gritty film of high stakes and violent criminals. I was tasked with rewriting the dialogue throughout the script to make it flow better.

Do Not Open

A noir/suspense visual narrative exercise. I was particularly pleased with my shadow shot in this clip. It was conceived, written and shot as an homage to Alfred Hitchcock. I wanted to see if I could achieve the feeling of suspense in a short, two-minute film.


I wrote and directed Regret, based on an idea I had a couple of years before. It was an unusual project for me as it contained no trace of comedy. Excellent acting from Marie and Lucy and the finished project was well received by my peers.


Another visual narrative, written and directed by a fellow student who asked me to be his cameraman & cinematographer. My favourite shot here is the brief glimpse of a menacing figure through the doorway – did you notice him?

Regret, Mr King and Lunchtime

I just enjoyed the way this closing trio of clips sums up the mix of genres in a few seconds. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching. Do leave a comment, preferably nice!




Corporate Videos

As a result of editing a business video that had been shot on an iphone, I’ve been asked to assist with a series of corporate information videos over the next few weeks/months. Hey, you’ve got to start somewhere!

That initial video has been uploaded to the company’s social media at Linked In, Facebook and Twitter. I added the logo to the footage and the contact slide at the end. I also suggested that, for future videos, it would be useful to include typed dialogue for people to follow if they want to know what’s being said if they are watching without sound.

I’ll keep you posted via this blog.