New Updated Showreel

My 2 minute showreel has been finely honed down to 1 minute especially for those busy employers for whom I need to make a fast and favourable first impression so here it is.

Intro from Mr King: (Henry  Douthwaite) “Rise and shine!”
Viktor (Steve Mace) “Who the ‘heck’ are you?”

For readers enjoying a leisurely break and able to watch the full two minute showreel, I offer up a little more detail below.

The showreel opens with a clip from Mr King (which was shown at the Cannes film festival last year) leading to an introduction to me. We are then launched into clips from a few short films of various genres.


Filmed as a visual narrative, I wrote this gentle comedy as a tribute to Charlie Chaplin and Sergio Leone. I also directed the shoot and edited ‘in camera’ which means that it had to be shot in sequence (the unedited version was then given a grade by tutors and I later edited the film fully in my own time). The Chaplin tributes were filmed in colour, then later edited to black and white; the Leone shots were also colour-edited to have a more ‘western’ feel (those clips are not featured in the 1 minute showreel shown above – see the full 2 minute showreel).

Mr King

As First Assistant Director I was also responsible for casting, and the three main actors were first class in this gritty film of high stakes and violent criminals. I was tasked with rewriting the dialogue throughout the script to make it flow better.

Do Not Open

A noir/suspense visual narrative exercise. I was particularly pleased with my shadow shot in this clip. It was conceived, written and shot as an homage to Alfred Hitchcock. I wanted to see if I could achieve the feeling of suspense in a short, two-minute film.


I wrote and directed Regret, based on an idea I had a couple of years before. It was an unusual project for me as it contained no trace of comedy. Excellent acting from Marie and Lucy and the finished project was well received by my peers.


Another visual narrative, written and directed by a fellow student who asked me to be his cameraman & cinematographer. My favourite shot here is the brief glimpse of a menacing figure through the doorway – did you notice him?

Regret, Mr King and Lunchtime

I just enjoyed the way this closing trio of clips sums up the mix of genres in a few seconds. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching. Do leave a comment, preferably nice!




2-minute Film Project

It’s quite an intensive schedule at the LFA plus a gruelling daily commute of more than 3 hours, so news updates may be posted a little sporadically but here goes…

I previously posted an excerpt from a script entitled “Regret” which I’ve now directed as a two minute short film project at the LFA.

Pre-production, the script underwent a few refinements to keep the story within the targeted maximum running time. Shooting was completed in a day in December 2015, and the film was ‘released’ in January 2016. Co-starring two actors, Marie Everett and Lucy Pickles, everyone seemed satisfied with the final cut which was well received by fellow students on the course.

(Hi Marie & Lucy – I hope you enjoyed working with us.)

Next project, I’m going to be 1st Assistant Director on a 4-minute film, written by Ron Zlatkin and directed by Tamas Draviczki. More about that in the next post…

Script: Regret

Excerpt from script written for an assignment at Lincoln University.


A MAN (Name TBD) is keeping busy, back to camera, talking to a character who is off screen.

(Laughing slightly at his own story)
So then Connor said that he’d look into it if he had the time, not knowing that Edward had already done it! And he…

Oh my God, shut up, I already know.


You’ve told me the story before.

Oh. Sorry. My mind must be going.
(Slight laugh)

Quite a few times, actually.

Yeah, alright…

Man continues to work, reaching for some tea. He reaches into his pocket and gets out a stress relief ball and starts squeezing it.

(Mumbling to himself)

Most people would just smile and nod politely but NOOOO, “My time is precious, stop telling me the same stuff over and over again and shut up.” Not even a simple “Sorry, I think you’ve told me this before.” No “This rings a bell.” Just plain and simple, “Shut up, I don’t give a damn. Stop talking right now and make my damned tea!”! how courteous. How kind. How… how.. expected.

Two sugars.

Man continues to make the drink, his anger more apparent as he slams cupboards and mugs.

(Still mumbling to himself)
“And of course he’s SO dumb, he won’t be able to remember a simple tea request, I think I’ll remind him! What was that? You DO remember how to make the drink you make for me at least twice a day because I’m too damned lazy? INCREDIBLE! Who knew your tiny mind was capable of such incredible feats!? Do you know how to breathe as well? You do?! MARVELOUS!!”

That’s all I’m revealing for now folks… I may make this into a short film one day!