‘ShowBiz’ Party.

I’m fortunate to be a cousin of Owain Williams and Gaz Williams.

This month, Owain and Kathie hosted a party to celebrate their wedding anniversary. As actors-musician-singers, much of the entertainment was provided by their friends – there was an ‘Open Mic.’, a live band, a huge dance floor and, during the band’s break, a ‘Taskmaster’ challenge with some balloons.

Eventually, Owain then his brother Gaz joined the band on stage (we knew they would). The last time I saw them perform together was four years ago at Gaz’s “All You Need is Love” wedding.

My uncle provided the following video, captured on his smartphone from the back of the hall so it’s not the best quality but I wanted to share the fun. It features my cousins with the band The Dutty Rascals.

The Entertainers

And I’m back in my room… with it’s amazing views of sunsets. Which reminds me… remember Project Hydra from two years ago? There is a possibility that it could be back on and I’ve been asked if I’d be interested in joining the team.

The script needs updating over the next few weeks then the producer plans to shoot on location later this year, followed by editing into a 20 minute film. I’ll keep you posted on any progress!

P.S. The roller-shutters promo videos have been shot and are in edit. 14 sec demo.


Batman and Me

Adam West as Batman was on TV about thirty years before I was born but my parents introduced me to some classic TV shows from the 1960s. Not only Batman but The Monkees.

Adam West was, by all accounts, very amenable and played parodies of his Batman character in cartoons such as Johnny Bravo. More recently, he has featured in Family Guy as the Mayor. Adam West may have gone but the legend lives on.

I was only two years old when I was given a Batman cape* and rarely left the house without it. Apparently, I would be walking along with a scowl, glowering at people who dared to smile at me, holding my mum’s hand. Yep, I looked cute.
*by a man called Bruce! Yes, seriously.

Currently, I’m living in an old manor house, so almost like Bruce Wayne…

My window overlooks fine English countryside, which is fantastic when I need to concentrate but not as inspirational as one might think when it comes to sparking new, gritty, film ideas – that often comes from people-watching.

I seem to have writer’s block. Although I have been co-writing scripts, I’m financially still ‘resting’ rather than working for money and this state of affairs has become a habit. Only one job application has elicited an acknowledgement (thanks, but the vacancy has been filled) and I have never been invited for an interview for a proper, paid job, ever.

However, I have just been asked to work on a video for roller-shutters – a new product from the company that makes ‘retractable’ glass doors. I assisted on their previous “how the doors work” videos and a photoshoot. This should happen in a couple of weeks.

And meanwhile… I’m updating my CV to include the Cannes connection! À bientôt!

‘How to’ videos for using new doors

I assisted The BPc with filming two videos for one of their clients who has developed a new style of patio door.

The client sells folding patio doors but their new doors have a much narrower door frame which means more glass for taking in a panoramic view. This is possible because, instead of folding, the doors slide then open. It’s quite hard to explain which is why we made the videos, which are below.

Above are double glazed patio doors that can also be used as room dividers, below are single glazed doors with a mirror finish option.

All doors featured are from SunSeeker Doors.