‘ShowBiz’ Party.

I’m fortunate to be a cousin of Owain Williams and Gaz Williams.

This month, Owain and Kathie hosted a party to celebrate their wedding anniversary. As actors-musician-singers, much of the entertainment was provided by their friends – there was an ‘Open Mic.’, a live band, a huge dance floor and, during the band’s break, a ‘Taskmaster’ challenge with some balloons.

Eventually, Owain then his brother Gaz joined the band on stage (we knew they would). The last time I saw them perform together was four years ago at Gaz’s “All You Need is Love” wedding.

My uncle provided the following video, captured on his smartphone from the back of the hall so it’s not the best quality but I wanted to share the fun. It features my cousins with the band The Dutty Rascals.

The Entertainers

And I’m back in my room… with it’s amazing views of sunsets. Which reminds me… remember Project Hydra from two years ago? There is a possibility that it could be back on and I’ve been asked if I’d be interested in joining the team.

The script needs updating over the next few weeks then the producer plans to shoot on location later this year, followed by editing into a 20 minute film. I’ll keep you posted on any progress!

P.S. The roller-shutters promo videos have been shot and are in edit. 14 sec demo.


Work Experience: Project Hydra

Well, it’s taken a while but when the National Geographic documentary that I was hoping to work on was pulled, I was ‘resting’ until this new project was offered. Too early to reveal much at the moment but I’m hoping to spend the next few weeks editing footage for another documentary for TV.

I was asked to meet one of the producers of Project Hydra for lunch at his private club in London – great start! We seemed to get on really well; he asked about my editing skills and gave me some background information about the subject of the documentary.

I’ve looked through some of the video footage and hope to start work on it soon as there is a deadline for a short version to be ready by July. Assuming that goes well, there may be more to come…

July 2015 update… the project was completed on time, except that no further footage emerged therefore it was a much shorter film than anticipated.