Building the Tamara Team

Update: The film company like the script and I’ve also sent them a Visual Narrative. They have asked me along for a meeting with a ‘bigger cheese’ to discuss working with experienced professionals. These may include a writer and director who will mentor my less experienced small team. Critically, we have secured an adequate budget.

I’ve been reworking the script and have created visuals for the characters and for the scene where the story is set.

We have, potentially, a couple of actors in mind who are known to us. Watch for an update next month.

Meanwhile… if any actors are interested (for a very modest fee) and available for a couple of days in the London area (timescale as yet unknown), the role descriptions are below!

  • Male, mid-40s to mid-50s, London accent
  • Male, late-20s to mid-30s, London accent
  • Female, over-50 (non-speaking)
  • Female, over-60 (non-speaking)
  • Male, mature, for voice-over (think John Motson)


Films & Live Events Round-up!

OK, so I mentioned RTX (Rooster Teeth) London but haven’t told you about some of the other events visited this year; a mixed variety:

  • Harry Hill (Hitchin, Mostly Comedy)
  • Sally Phillips (London, TV Pilot)
  • Bananas (London, Improv.)
  • Motown (London, Musical)

Last year I saw Jack Dee at Doggett & Ephgrave’s ‘Mostly Comedy’ Club and this year I went to see Harry Hill trying out new material for a forthcoming tour. It was moved to a larger venue and I think it lost something for that. Great to have the Comedy Club facility not far from home. though.

I’ve been to a couple of TV pilots that haven’t really been good enough to air and, despite Sally Phillips, this was one of them. They’re free so I can’t complain. It’s much better to go to recordings of established shows, though, such as HIGNFY and Not Going Out.

“Banana Bunch Presents Bananas On The Run – A Comedy Improvisation Show” at the Museum of Comedy was – erm – interesting. Three women performing improv with audience participation, therefore each show is different – could be funny sometimes and less so at other times. Sort-of like Whose Line Is It Anyway, which I saw at the Edinburgh Fringe last year.

The Motown Musical was excellent! I never knew much about the record label, just thought it was a genre of music, and it was great to advance my education by watching this show. I was sitting on the end of a row near the front, so when ‘Diana Ross’ came into the audience, I was initially approached to sing with her. As possibly the only person in the whole audience who did not know the song “Reach out and Touch Somebody’s Hand”, I had to decline!

Films / DVDs

Before and after my trip to Bruges (or Brugge as it is called by the people who live in that part of Belgium and my friends in The Netherlands) I re-watched the Martin McDonagh film, In Bruges. If you haven’t watched it, I thoroughly recommend you do – and Seven Psychopaths – they are two of my favourite films. Warning: lots of violence, swearing and humour.

Bruges/Brugge is charming but not huge therefore it was easy to recognise places from the film. It transpired that the hotel I stayed in was about 30 paces from one of the scenes.


More recently, I’ve been in a Superhero frame of mind and watched/re-watched films from both Marvel and DC, including Deadpool 2, Thor Ragnarok, Infinity War, Wonder Woman, Batman v Superman, Justice League (to name just a few).

London, Bruges & Sydney

How am I fitting all this in AND a second blog post inside a month?!! In this issue:

  • Spiderman – long-awaited PS4 game
  • First Job Interview – ever!
  • Application for 1 year internship in Australia
  • RTX London
  • In Bruges

Well… some other stuff has had to take a back seat (such as my training routine and cooking healthy food – yeah, I know, I know) but I’ll try to get back to them soon.

Tottenham Hotspur has just announced that I can play the FIFA 19 demo now! The full version is due for release on 28th September and will include all 20 Premier League home stadiums including the new stadium. Meanwhile, I’ve hardly had any time to soak up the new Spiderman game since it’s release but… so far, so good!

Last week, I had an interview for a job. Keep your fingers crossed for me! That said, I’m not sure how well it went from the company’s viewpoint but I hope I came across OK. They’ll let me know in a few days if they want to see me again. I don’t want to dwell on it as there is nothing I can do but wait.

Meanwhile, I entered a ‘competition’ to win a filmmaking internship in Australia. I really wasn’t satisfied with my entry – it could have been better, to be honest. Unfortunately, the video I submitted had to be about me and I’m not comfortable in front of a camera (that’s why I blog, not vlog). I’m better behind the scenes, which is what the internship is about. It’s a bit scary to go half-way round the world on your own, though, so could I have sub-consciously sabotaged my chances?

Hey, Rooster Teeth fans, did you go to RTX London? I did, with my ‘old school chum’ Sam, from primary school. I bumped into another couple of friends, Julian & Miles, from secondary school, plus Matt from the LFA (and Anna, his wife) and I made a brand new friend whilst just hangin’. Already looking forward to next year!

In Bruges is one of my favourite films and I’m going to be in Bruges (or Brugge) for a couple of days later this month. More next time…



My Cousin, Wannabe Football Coach

This post is a nod to my cousin who is four years younger than I am and has chosen a sporting career. He has completed an apprenticeship, passed various levels of football coaching and has been coaching kids for years – and he’s only 18. He’s dependable and personable, with an ambition to work for Tottenham Hotspur as head coach when Mauricio Pochettino retires. He’s looking for his first proper job at a good club.

There is a dearth of good English football managers in the Premiership. Could it be that this isn’t high on the FA’s agenda? Let’s examine recent statistics.

The best performing premiership teams during 2017 are managed by:

    • Pep Guardiola (Spanish)
    • Jose Mourinho (Portuguese)
    • Antonio Conte (Italian)
    • Mauricio Pochettino (Argentinian)
    • Jurgen Klopp (German)
    • Arsene Wenger (French)

Notable English (not Scottish) managers in terms of titles are: Alf Ramsey and Bill Nicholson (1960s), Bobby Robson (1970s-80s), Brian Clough (1970s-90s) and Howard Wilkinson 1992 (the year before the Premiership was set up).

We’re all weary of the merry-go-round of Allardyce, Pardew and Hodgson, although Sean Dyche is currently doing well and Eddie Howe manages to keep his team in the Prem. Under-21s and Youth Team coaches should be the proving ground for our managers but none of the top team coaches listed above came through the English FA system. Well, cuz, seems like you’ll need to work overseas to get your opportunity.

My cousin has excelled in his field and has had some great perks via The Royal Foundation’s Coach Core, including an invitation to Buckingham Palace and the Royal Première of the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. He’s in the above photograph (saved from his proud parents’ Facebook post).

So – Daniel Levy & co – please be advised to snap him up now, thank you. I’ll be happy to put you in touch. And take my 10%, of course 😉

Great Jobs Are Out There … Somewhere

I’ve applied for a few jobs and, as previously mentioned, not had a response from most of them. Well, any of them so far, except the very first one. An older, experienced person advised me that the problem is the way the jobs are advertised via online agencies. The companies are inundated with hundreds of hopefuls, many of whom are totally unsuitable and send in their CV ‘just in case’ (in case of what?) because it’s easy just to apply anyway. The person receiving the plethora of applications skims through with a cursory glance and picks the first half a dozen CVs that meet the criteria. It’s possible that mine hasn’t even been seen.

When sending via an online agency, there is little chance of making yourself stand out. The response I had, albeit negative as the position had been filled, was from a local company that posted the vacancy on their own website. They presumably had fewer applications which, overall, were most likely of a higher quality, as applicants had to work a little harder to find the information.

About a month ago, I applied for a job that seemed to have been created especially for me, UK-based for WatchMojo, which seems like an interesting company to work for. This was via and, quelle surprise, I’ve had no response. With Indeed, you enter the types of work you are looking for – then they just seem to send you everything anyway. I’ve been to the WatchMojo website and may contact them direct regarding some freelance work, based in the UK.

There’s another ‘perfect job’ opportunity that cropped up yesterday (different agency), which I have applied for today. It’s only temporary and the rate of pay isn’t high – in fact, half of it may just about cover my travel expenses to London each day. However, there’s a massive gap on my CV since I graduated last year and who knows where this may lead? Keep your fingers crossed for me, everybody!

BA Degree Y2: hiccup!

Lincoln is a great university and the city is also very nice but so small and so far from the buzz of London life. It’s not that I spend all my time in London but I have always lived within an easy commute and love the idea of being able to be there within half an hour of deciding to go!

I love going to the theatres in London or just wandering around: Covent Garden, Saville Row, South Bank – and visiting the museums.

With this is mind, I decided to apply for a London-based uni to continue my studies. I applied for 5, was offered 4 and chose The Met. At the interviews I got along really well with the tutors but after spending a week with my peers on the induction course, I knew that I couldn’t spend a year with them. An enforced gap year then.

I didn’t have any savings so I couldn’t travel the world and, anyway, I didn’t want to go on my own. I decided that work experience would be the best route and I have been lucky enough to find a couple of opportunities. Time now, though, to consider my 2015 options… More later.