London, Bruges & Sydney

How am I fitting all this in AND a second blog post inside a month?!! In this issue:

  • Spiderman – long-awaited PS4 game
  • First Job Interview – ever!
  • Application for 1 year internship in Australia
  • RTX London
  • In Bruges

Well… some other stuff has had to take a back seat (such as my training routine and cooking healthy food – yeah, I know, I know) but I’ll try to get back to them soon.

Tottenham Hotspur has just announced that I can play the FIFA 19 demo now! The full version is due for release on 28th September and will include all 20 Premier League home stadiums including the new stadium. Meanwhile, I’ve hardly had any time to soak up the new Spiderman game since it’s release but… so far, so good!

Last week, I had an interview for a job. Keep your fingers crossed for me! That said, I’m not sure how well it went from the company’s viewpoint but I hope I came across OK. They’ll let me know in a few days if they want to see me again. I don’t want to dwell on it as there is nothing I can do but wait.

Meanwhile, I entered a ‘competition’ to win a filmmaking internship in Australia. I really wasn’t satisfied with my entry – it could have been better, to be honest. Unfortunately, the video I submitted had to be about me and I’m not comfortable in front of a camera (that’s why I blog, not vlog). I’m better behind the scenes, which is what the internship is about. It’s a bit scary to go half-way round the world on your own, though, so could I have sub-consciously sabotaged my chances?

Hey, Rooster Teeth fans, did you go to RTX London? I did, with my ‘old school chum’ Sam, from primary school. I bumped into another couple of friends, Julian & Miles, from secondary school, plus Matt from the LFA (and Anna, his wife) and I made a brand new friend whilst just hangin’. Already looking forward to next year!

In Bruges is one of my favourite films and I’m going to be in Bruges (or Brugge) for a couple of days later this month. More next time…



Unpaid Internships

I was contacted regarding an unpaid internship for six weeks in London. It looked interesting and I enquired whether my travelling costs would be covered, somewhere between £75 & £100/pw. The answer was ‘no’ and therefore, financially, I couldn’t proceed further.

It could be argued that paying for experience is as valid as paying for higher education so, with that in mind, I thought about how to measure the value. This meant setting goals – what do I want from an internship and what does the employer get from me?

Clearly, it has to be work experience in an area of interest. Should I move from a Film & TV focus (the field in which I have qualifications) to a broader spectrum, such as video gaming (which I enjoy) or digital marketing (in which I have some recent training and experience but it’s not my long-term career choice therefore I’m reluctant to spend money on furthering it)?

What Skills Can I Offer?  = Why would a company want me?

  • Short film writing, script editing, video shooting and editing;
  • Competence in Microsoft Office and other software;
  • Creative writing / blogging;
  • Social Media Management.

What Are My Internship Goals?  = Why would I want to work there for free?

  • Real-world experience within a vibrant working environment;
  • Improved CV & good references for future employment;
  • Confidence-boost and a broader skill set.

Internships can be seen as a form of cheap labour or a month-long interview. To ensure that the employer and intern both make the best of the situation, there needs to be a set of agreed goals.

The onus is on the prospective employer to set out terms that will attract an unpaid intern. For example and whilst not a major business goal, covering commuting costs and providing a lunch allowance will be seen as very important to someone who is considering working for no pay. Work-related goals should be measurable.

Example: Projects and Goals for a Digital Marketing Assistant

  • Set up/manage pages for Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc. as appropriate to the industry;
  • Increase followers by X% with engaging tweets and posts;
  • Suggest ways in which the company’s message could reach a wider audience;
  • Write a regular blog post based on a list of topics provided;
  • Create/update PowerPoint presentations from provided content;
  • Provide assistance with scripts and with filming, editing and uploading of corporate videos.

Message to potential employers: as an intern, I would expect some training, in-house or an external course because, if I already know more than anyone else at the company, why am I working for free??? I would also want a review meeting each week. Seems fair?

Message to potential interns & employers: if you find this information useful, feel free to use it and please leave a comment if you have suggestions for improvement. I hope your future goes well.