Films & Live Events Round-up!

OK, so I mentioned RTX (Rooster Teeth) London but haven’t told you about some of the other events visited this year; a mixed variety:

  • Harry Hill (Hitchin, Mostly Comedy)
  • Sally Phillips (London, TV Pilot)
  • Bananas (London, Improv.)
  • Motown (London, Musical)

Last year I saw Jack Dee at Doggett & Ephgrave’s ‘Mostly Comedy’ Club and this year I went to see Harry Hill trying out new material for a forthcoming tour. It was moved to a larger venue and I think it lost something for that. Great to have the Comedy Club facility not far from home. though.

I’ve been to a couple of TV pilots that haven’t really been good enough to air and, despite Sally Phillips, this was one of them. They’re free so I can’t complain. It’s much better to go to recordings of established shows, though, such as HIGNFY and Not Going Out.

“Banana Bunch Presents Bananas On The Run – A Comedy Improvisation Show” at the Museum of Comedy was – erm – interesting. Three women performing improv with audience participation, therefore each show is different – could be funny sometimes and less so at other times. Sort-of like Whose Line Is It Anyway, which I saw at the Edinburgh Fringe last year.

The Motown Musical was excellent! I never knew much about the record label, just thought it was a genre of music, and it was great to advance my education by watching this show. I was sitting on the end of a row near the front, so when ‘Diana Ross’ came into the audience, I was initially approached to sing with her. As possibly the only person in the whole audience who did not know the song “Reach out and Touch Somebody’s Hand”, I had to decline!

Films / DVDs

Before and after my trip to Bruges (or Brugge as it is called by the people who live in that part of Belgium and my friends in The Netherlands) I re-watched the Martin McDonagh film, In Bruges. If you haven’t watched it, I thoroughly recommend you do – and Seven Psychopaths – they are two of my favourite films. Warning: lots of violence, swearing and humour.

Bruges/Brugge is charming but not huge therefore it was easy to recognise places from the film. It transpired that the hotel I stayed in was about 30 paces from one of the scenes.


More recently, I’ve been in a Superhero frame of mind and watched/re-watched films from both Marvel and DC, including Deadpool 2, Thor Ragnarok, Infinity War, Wonder Woman, Batman v Superman, Justice League (to name just a few).

The 70th Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Comedy

Just returned from the Edinburgh Fringe followed by a couple of days relaxing/writing in the Scottish Highlands (Wetlands!)

In Edinburgh, Robert Webb (of Mitchell & Webb) hurried across the road in front of our car; last time, it was Tim Vine who hastened past. We spent a few minutes in a café, just a few centimetres from Seann Walsh; last time it was Sam Lloyd and the Blanks (Ted from Scrubs and his band).

We had pre-booked tickets for “Whose Line Is It Anyway” with Clive Anderson and a pot luck of guests. In case you’re not familiar with the show, it began in the UK in the 1980s and ran until around 1999 – and is still current in the USA. Its format is ‘improv’ with the audience making suggestions of styles, themes, etc. for the comedy guests to perform within the set criteria. That evening, we saw Greg Proops, Mike McShane, Phill Jupitus & Ruth Bratt (ShowStoppers).

We also went along to one of the free* gigs at The Laughing Horse to see Jimmy McGhie who was recommended to us by a New Zealand stand-up comedian giving out leaflets. A clip from seven years ago  is below – the style of comedy is the same but the routine is, naturally, delivered from a  more mature comedian:

* free, including street acts, are officially free but donations are expected. Imagine if you or a friend can’t get a break and you scrape together some money to buy a pitch, travel to Edinburgh, sleep and eat somewhere… in order to entertain an audience and showcase your comedic talent. Wouldn’t it be great to break even at the very least?

I’m always sad to leave Edinburgh and moving on to the beautiful countryside was a complete contrast. Despite a really slow internet connection, I managed to work on some writing projects.

Paid job status update: haven’t heard from any of the jobs I applied for, not even a ‘no’ but I have found another half a dozen to pitch for…