Mr King & the ‘Festival de Cannes’

Our short film, Mr King, has been accepted for a catalogue entry at Festival Corner at the Cannes Film Festival, as can be seen in the header image, above.

From an original script by Ron Zlatkin, the film was directed by Thomas Draviczki and co-stars Steve Mace, Henry Douthwaite (in the title role) and Mateo Rufino Cano. As First Assistant Director (1stAD), I was responsible for casting.

I noticed that the theme composition has been uploaded by Flórián Siró so here it is for you to enjoy.

à bientôt!

LFA Showcase at the BFI

2016 London Film Academy Showcase at the British Film Institute, Southbank, London.

The format of the afternoon/evening is to sit in the plush velvety red seats and watch (in this case, 11) short films, written and created by students during the latter part of their film making course. This is followed by graduate presentations and a reception.

The reception is an oportunity to meet with others from all corners of the film industry – writers, actors, producers, etc., established as well as those, like us, who are just starting our careers.

As I’ll be working on a short film project in the new year, this illustrious gathering was a chance to sound out potential cast and crew plus meet up again with actor Henry Douthwaite (Mr. King) and comedian Tommy Rowson, (up-coming tour dates) plus many others who currently don’t have links to include here.

Review of films from the 2016 showcase.

On the night, the film with most votes was Unreal Estate, which I worked on and this may have tainted my viewpoint as the plot twist was not a fresh surprise. Great concept, though, written by Charlie Park.

Rather than review all 11 films, I’ll be selective. Mr. King (obviously) was my favourite non-comedy. And of the comedies… my award for top spot was shared jointly by Obsessively Optimistic (starring Timothy O’Hara and Andrea Vallis) and Run From The French (starring Diljohn Singh and Pat Brackenbury), both wrtten by Ilona Mitrecey.

Merry Christmas & all the best for the coming year!

4-minute Film Project

Following on from the previous post (2-minute Film Project) where I mentioned this project, I’ll now go into more detail. The film is called “Mr King” and was filmed over a long weekend, from Saturday 5th to Monday 7th March, 2016.

The script was submitted by Ron Zlatkin (Dutch), then Tamas (Thomas) Draviczki (Hungarian) won the pitch to direct it. As 1stAD, I was responsible for casting and we advertised, via various channels, for actors to apply for one of the three main roles by submitting their CV and showreel. There were more than 40 applications which were shortlisted to ten, then those actors were provided with a page from the script and invited to audition for their chosen role.

The standard was high and the three actors who were offered and accepted were excellent! (Keep in touch, guys!) They are:

The script needed improvement. I was asked to edit the script and also added some dialogue (hopefully, I’ll be credited 🙂 )* and the shoot went very smoothly. I went straight from this film to working on two others… then a few days off to recharge!

Here’s an excerpt from the edited script:

“I don’t care… I’m dead anyway
so… just get on with it.”

Viktor closes his eyes and leans back on the chair as he
accepts his fate. Mr King Pulls the trigger three times.

“Well, credit where it’s due, you
are very dedicated to this guy. Or
is there more than one? Who are
they? The club owners? They run out
of money? Or maybe the associations
are jealous that I make more money
than they do? Guess I’ll never
know… Oh. Silly me. I forgot the
bullet. What am I like?”

Mr King and Carter laugh. Manuel only smiles.
Viktor looks at Mr King in shock.

Editing begins next week. As usual, as soon as we get the green light to publish, I’ll let you know.

*Unfortunately, I’ve been told that it’s not Academy policy  😦 so I remain uncredited again.