Broader Horizons

I’ve been away this week with almost no access to films to watch or video games to play so I’ve spent most of my time writing stuff.

I began this blog as an exercise when I was at college. It focussed on media studies, especially Film & TV, and continued throughout Uni, then increasingly focussed on Film throughout my time at LFA. More recently, the blog has highlighted my attempts to find a job whilst, I now realise, the majority of my life these past few months, has been immersed in gaming other than when I’m writing.

I realise this because the jobs I have been gravitating towards are for gaming companies rather than in film. You know that I love Rooster Teeth, right? Well, I’m going to RTX London this month but I’ve also applied to work with Rock Star Games (London) and Jagex (Cambridge). Imagine working within the world of GTA, LA Noire (new release coming soon) and with a hint of a possibility of some involvement in the long awaited sequel to Red Dead Redemption! Or Runescape! Jagex’s UK offices are about as awesome as those typically seen in California’s ‘Silicone Valley’ – and their work ethos seems to be something I’d love to be part of.

It’s a long shot but, well… positivity and optimism. So I’ve cast my jobseeking net wider and, to be honest, the non-film-making companies seem more suited to me.

Jagex Cambridge

In other news, at the end of last month I went to see the stage play of the old Ealing (black) comedy film, The Ladykillers. I was probably the youngest person in the theatre, on or off stage! Thoroughly enjoyable though.

That’s all for now folks!

Different Media

I’m not just about Film though. Although my Christmas wish-list is dominated by films from Chaplin to Deadpool, there’s a lot of music on there from the ’50s onwards and loads of video games, too, for various devices – PS4/3/2/1, PSP, PC (and soon, PS Vita).

Over the years, my favourite games have changed. When I was really young, not even at school, it was Batman on the PC – an educational version because parents always start with good intentions 🙂 and I remember another PC game about a haunted house and some socks – a few years before I knew of Dobby’s obsession in the Chamber of Secrets book (oh yes, I read too!)

I think I was 5 or 6 when Santa brought me a PS1 with Toy Story and Spiderman games. This Xmas, for the first time for ages, none of my favourite games had new versions out!

In recent years, my favourites have alternated between Red Dead, GTA, Assassins’ Creed and, occasionally, FIFA. These account for more than 80% of my past 5 years’ gaming hours (especially when I was away at Uni). I am so at home in Los Santos, I know it far better than my own home town!

We took a family holiday to Tuscany a while ago and went to visit the same places as Ezio: Florence, of course, but also San Giminano and Monteriggioni.

When I’m not gaming, I’m often entertained by Achievement Hunter and, my favourites, the guys at Rooster Teeth playing Minecraft. I’d love to work in an environment like that!

End of break. Thanks for joining me.