When the Odds are Evens – Book Cover

At the end of 2013, author Colin Lord wanted a cover designed for his e-book novel, When The Odds Are Evens, to show significant items from the storyline, suggesting a speedboat, a sniper and some gold bars.

Having sourced a free-to-use image of a powerboat (unfortunately not a Sunseeker Manhattan 66), the design needed to include the other elements. I overlaid a black foreground which enabled a silhouette of a sniper to be included and divided the image in a way that the gold bars could be incorporated into the design. I recoloured the image to blood-red to convey the impression of danger.


It was important to create a strong brand for the author’s name to be used on subsequent book covers. Below is the final cover.

book cover design

The book is available on Amazon/Kindle. I am credited with the cover design.