I’m a Writer!

I’ve been a writer for a few years now but I’ve also thrown in the options of director, actor and everything in between. Looking at it though, writing is the thing I’ve done most of – not that you’d know it from reading this blog post so far 🙂

In addition to writing this monthly blog (and others) plus a number of scripts, I belong to a couple of writing groups where we contribute to each other’s projects. Writing is a great lifestyle but doesn’t pay very well until you become established, hopefully while still alive and able to enjoy it, e.g. J K Rowling.

However, after four years of writing, making or producing student films, I realised that they were all kind-of ‘samey’ and plagiarised (mostly unwittingly) – I think we all need to read more and watch less (this includes me).

I’ve probably posted before that Hollywood churns out mostly formulaic films that appeal to the masses who just want a night out (or a night in) with their friends or family. These are the film equivalent of the old ‘Mills & Boon’ books that grannies used to enjoy.

My favourite writing projects are gritty scripts with subtle humour. It’s satisfying – but really difficult – to have twists in the story. The problem is that all stories have been told and writers just have to find new and interesting ways to tell them. Maybe this is why my recent reading has focussed on biographies and memoirs of real people.

The really great thing about being a writer is that you can also be a reader and call it research! And no, I don’t use an old typewriter like the one in featured above, even though they look really cool and I’d love to get one! I use Celtx on a MacBook for scripts.


When the Odds are Evens – Book Cover

At the end of 2013, author Colin Lord wanted a cover designed for his e-book novel, When The Odds Are Evens, to show significant items from the storyline, suggesting a speedboat, a sniper and some gold bars.

Having sourced a free-to-use image of a powerboat (unfortunately not a Sunseeker Manhattan 66), the design needed to include the other elements. I overlaid a black foreground which enabled a silhouette of a sniper to be included and divided the image in a way that the gold bars could be incorporated into the design. I recoloured the image to blood-red to convey the impression of danger.


It was important to create a strong brand for the author’s name to be used on subsequent book covers. Below is the final cover.

book cover design

The book is available on Amazon/Kindle. I am credited with the cover design.