LFA Showcase at the BFI

2016 London Film Academy Showcase at the British Film Institute, Southbank, London.

The format of the afternoon/evening is to sit in the plush velvety red seats and watch (in this case, 11) short films, written and created by students during the latter part of their film making course. This is followed by graduate presentations and a reception.

The reception is an oportunity to meet with others from all corners of the film industry – writers, actors, producers, etc., established as well as those, like us, who are just starting our careers.

As I’ll be working on a short film project in the new year, this illustrious gathering was a chance to sound out potential cast and crew plus meet up again with actor Henry Douthwaite (Mr. King) and comedian Tommy Rowson, (up-coming tour dates) plus many others who currently don’t have links to include here.

Review of films from the 2016 showcase.

On the night, the film with most votes was Unreal Estate, which I worked on and this may have tainted my viewpoint as the plot twist was not a fresh surprise. Great concept, though, written by Charlie Park.

Rather than review all 11 films, I’ll be selective. Mr. King (obviously) was my favourite non-comedy. And of the comedies… my award for top spot was shared jointly by Obsessively Optimistic (starring Timothy O’Hara and Andrea Vallis) and Run From The French (starring Diljohn Singh and Pat Brackenbury), both wrtten by Ilona Mitrecey.

Merry Christmas & all the best for the coming year!

Just when you think it’s all over…

Hooray, Hurrah… school’s out!!! As we attended our final day at the London Film Academy, I was invited back to develop one of my scripts and produce a short film of “Waiting for Tamara“, together with Ron Zlatkin as director.

The Academy offered to provide support in terms of equipment and facilities and suggested that some of their current students would be willing to volunteer as crew members as it’s a great opportunity for them. We are now working on finding a budget to cover other costs, such as location, cast and general expenses during the shoot.

Shout-out to Agents, Actors and Angels…
If you are able to support this project by donating your time or funding, please contact me by leaving a comment (comments are not public unless I approve them so you can leave your details). The deadline is approximately end of 2016 as we hope to start shooting in January.

I still have to assemble a few cuts from the films I’ve contributed to whilst attending the LFA and will be editing them into a new showreel of my recent work, reflecting various skills I’ve acquired in writing, directing and editing.

Meanwhile, the London Showcase will be held in November at the British Film Institute (BFI), where those of us who have passed will be presented with our diplomas. I achieved three merits, including scriptwriting and directing.

Onwards and Upwards!