Filmography & CV

My one minute showreel for very busy viewers:

A two minute collection of a varied selection of my film work at the LFA (London Film Academy), 2015-2016, with additional detail below:

  • Lunchtime: Writer / Director / Editor
  • Mr King: 1st AD / Casting / Re-Writes
  • Do Not Open: Writer / Director / Editor / Cinematographer
  • Regret: Writer / Director
  • Followed: Camera / Cinematographer

Business Videos
My work as a freelance videographer can be seen on various websites, blogs and social media. You can link to my showreel of selected clips from business client videos.

Film: Misplaced (2014)
A Y1/BA* project that was inspired by Shaun of the Dead.  A team project in which we were credited with the assigned roles. I was responsible for sound, which is particularly difficult when filming outside. I also rewrote the script, co-directed (uncredited) and co-edited. *University of Lincoln.

Film: Psychosis (2013) directed by Brodie Primrose
The final college project, premiered at Broadway Cinema, Letchworth. I wrote the screenplay, acted in the supporting role, was cinematographer and co-editor.

Film: Resting (2012) written and directed by Brodie Primrose
A college project that was obviously inspired by Withnail and I. I (Brodie) was also cinematographer, main camera and editor.

Film: Halloween Rising (2014) cinematography by Brodie Primrose
Assisting with a commercial project for hallowe’en party props

Study in Live TV: The Mysteries of Transylvania (2013)
I was one of the camera operators.

Short Animation: Safety infomercial
Written, produced, directed and edited by me.

Short animation: Blustery day
A group collaboration, we each did a bit of everything.

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