My current plans for when I leave college is to go to university. Currently, my first choice is The University of Edinburgh, but I do have my eye on a couple of other Universities, such as


UAL: University of the Arts London

RADA:  Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

KCL: King’s College London

CSSD: Central School of Speech and Drama


Mountview Academy of Theatre



Where I Want To Go

After college I want to go to University. In the long run I want to be an actor and/or film director.

clint eastwood oscars

I don’t currently have a first choice university but I have my eye on a couple. For example, I’m quite interested in The University of Edinburgh and several in universities London.

Arts Award

The Arts Award has three categories – Bronze, Silver and Gold. I will be attempting the Bronze.

The Arts Award is “an opportunity to develop creativity and leadership”. It’s for people aged 7 – 25 and has no entry requirements, time limit or set rules.

gold filmI am thinking of doing it in either Film Making or Photography.

Both subjects cover several aspects.

For example, a key aspect to Film Making is organisation. “Film Making” also covers quite a few skills and responsibilities such as music, storyboarding, sound, lighting, producing, editing, lighting, screenwriting and even acting. The film could also be a specific genre or genres. It would also include cinematography, which you could count as being related to photography.