Robin Hood

SMART is an amateur theatre group that meets for six months each year to put on a fund-raising panto just before Easter. I joined them from September 2012 to March 2013, before I went away to university.

The 2013 production, Robin Hood, was loosely based on the legend.

My role was pub landlord and, in one of my scenes, I had to flirt with a wench who was played by my primary school teacher! La vie peut être très étrange, as our French Maid Marion said.

Acting Awards

As I prepare to say goodbye to Hitchin’s Market Theatre Youth Group and go forth as an undergraduate, I reflect that, a year ago, I peaked as a stage actor, winning two awards in one season.

After the end of season show, a number of awards took place at Hitchin’s Queen Mother Theatre. I was judged to have improved the most in my year group during 2011-2012 and was presented with a medal.

Better still, I received the “Best Performance” award for my part in the end of the season show in which I played Romeo, a stage technician who was in love with Juliette, the director’s fiancee. It was a tragedy and, true to the original plot, we both died. Ironic, then, that the person presenting the award congratulated my on my comedic timing!

More detail and photographs of Romeo and Juliet.