Final Major Project – My Contribution

Individual Log.

In the meetings leading up to the filming of our FMP we took minutes, we all took turns taking the minutes. In these meetings we decided who would be doing what and when it would all happen. It was established that I would direct, do cinematography, write the screenplay (from someone else’s story), be script supervisor and editor.

In each meeting we discussed possible plot points, filming locations and production names, we all eventually agreed on my idea for a production name of “Sting Productions”.

We decided that, although someone else in the group would write the story, I would adapt it for screen and write the screenplay for the film.

Once someone else in the group had scouted a location, I went over there with the location scout to see if the location was okay and how each scene we planned on filming there could actually be shot, while there I even found a good place for the final scene to be shot that the location scout actually missed.

Before w could start filming we had to put together mood board and get feedback to see what people thought about our idea in this process we all put in an equal amount of effort in making the board.

On the morning of June 10th, we started filming. It was our first day filming and we started with the last scene of the film. As the director, I did my part, but I was also acting in it and being script supervisor.

On day two we shot the first scene along with the penultimate episode, as I wasn’t in this scene I found it much easier to get involved as a director, I also acted as cinematographer, I was in charge of everything as director, this included stuff like the actors, lighting (which was included in my duties as a cinematographer)

Day three we filmed the remaining scenes, this made up the middle part of the film of the film along with the voice over, as director I oversaw it all and for a couple shots also acted as cameraman.

We edited our footage everyday but it received more focus when we finished filming, we all helped edit and I oversaw it all as director, but I was also one of the main two editors.