sunset in Paris

From ‘wannabe’ to ‘gonnabe’

Thanks for dropping by. This is a showcase of some of my work to date and an insight into me and what I can offer, should you be considering employing my skills in any way.

Please join me on a journey into the future as well as the past as I attempt to show, through the medium of film and related studies, how I arrived at my current status and the various paths I hope to explore on my journey forward.

But first…

Who is Brodie Primrose?

At the moment, almost a nobody at the start of my career, with dreams…

I’ve always been fascinated by the world of film and theatre. At school, I enjoyed acting on stage and joined a theatre group during my teens (Best Performance 2012 award) where I soon discovered that my forté in this field was comedic improvisation. Some of my work is interwoven into this online showcase.

At college, I acted on film and enjoyed this aspect too, taking the supporting role of the villain in the short film Psychosis, which premiered at the Broadway Cinema in Letchworth, Hertfordshire (which featured in The World’s End film).

At both the theatre group and college, I began writing short scripts for stage and film and I also directed a number of short films at college. University provided further opportunities for scriptwriting, cinematography, directing and editing. The London Film Academy expanded these practical skills, enabling students to feel ready to join the film industry. One of the films I worked on was shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

Well, that’s the introduction to who I am right now and how I made it this far. Keep popping back for more info and let me know how I may be of service.

The featured image at the top of this page was taken in Paris, in April, from a bridge over the River Seine. Nothing more to see here … move along to my showreel or the blog.