Test Results

So… I found out some stuff.

I worked my way through an employment suitability test and the results are not all that I expected. However, much of it was spot on! For example, that I have a lack of confidence in my skills and abilities, which leads some other points: I’m not first in the queue to offer assistance, I’m prone to feeling discouraged and I prefer “a relaxed level of activity”. The report suggests that I might not cope well under pressure, that I have trust issues and I prefer to be on my own rather than surrounded by others.

The lack of confidence in my skills and abilities has grown since I haven’t been using them much. And the statement “prone to feeling discouraged” is so true. Following many applications for jobs resulting in a handful of failed interviews – and now backed by the results of this test – I can’t see where to go from here. What could be my perfect role?

Over Thinking?

Some of the questions were difficult to choose an answer. As an example, a question might have been* “In a Manchester football/soccer derby match, would you prefer United or City to win?” (*it wasn’t, by the way). It depends – would one of them winning affect the position of the team I support? It’s impossible for me to answer without any context.

Positive Thinking

If something amazing happened over the next few weeks, would the test results be different? What will turn the tide? For example, if I had a job and found out that I was good at it, would my confidence levels spill into other areas of my life? One day, maybe I’ll find out.

This article might help people in a similar situation: Unemployed and Feeling Down.

UPDATE: last night, the Manchester football derby took place. My team is currently third in the table (below City, above United) which means that if City won, we still can’t catch them and, if United won, they would be very close on points. In this instance, it would be better to remain third than to be in danger of being overtaken, so I preferred City to win. And they did.



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