Opportunities in Film & Video

Recently, I’ve seen a couple of opportunities that are of interest: Dialogue Editor & Short Film Writer, which I’ve applied for. And… just in case any prospective employers/colleagues are checking out my blog, my filmography is below 😉

For these applications, I needed to select (1) a script where I’ve re-written most of the dialogue (Mr.King), (2) a dialogue-heavy short film script that I’ve written (Regret), plus (3) another short film script to demonstrate my versatility as a writer. Choosing the ‘best’ ones which are to be read by potential producers/directors was not easy.

Working titles of short scripts not yet filmed are: Tamara; Much Adieu; Greatest Hits; Confidence Trick. My roles in completed film shorts to date are in the list below:

  • Director
    • Regret (drama)
    • Psychosis (noir, thriller)
    • Resting (comedy)
  • First Assistant Director
    • Mr King (thriller)
    • Shame (drama)
  • Casting Director
    • Mr King (noir, thriller)
    • Good Boy (drama)
    • The Last Text (psychological thriller)
    • The Art of Trying (comedy)
    • Resting (comedy)
  • Scriptwriter
    • Regret (drama)
    • Resting (comedy)
    • Psychosis (noir, thriller)
  • Dialogue Editor
    • Mr King (thriller)
  • Editor
    • The End of a Nightmare (thriller) 1st editor
    • Resting (comedy) 1st editor
    • Unreal Estate (dark comedy) 2nd editor & trailer editor
    • The Art of Trying (comedy) 2nd editor
  • Other roles
    • Unreal Estate (gaffer)
    • In a Time Lapse (focus puller)
    • Misplaced (sound)
    • Resting (camera, cinematographer)

Additionally, a company that I occasionally freelance for has invited me to direct and edit a series of business messages for one of their clients’ websites.

Meanwhile, on the film-watching front, I’ve been re-visiting Lord of the Rings and, on TV, I’m looking forward to seeing the Netflix series, Altered Carbon. I hope I won’t be disappointed!

The featured image is of Marie Everett, playing the lead character in Regret.


All the best for 2018!


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Brodie Primrose

Director, Scriptwriter, Photographer, Actor, Comedian, Fool.

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