Part D – Passing on an Art Skill Part Two

As part of the Arts Award, I had to pass on a skill I had learnt while at college, we could choose almost anything, such as Directing, Camera work, Animation, Acting, etc.

I decided on stop-motion animation. I worked as part of a pair, teaching a group of three first year media students. We were teaching them the time-lapse technique with a birds-eye view shot which we had also done just over a year ago. We already had a lesson plan to follow that we’d come up with a few days prior to taking the class. We started with the introductions; we introduced both ourselves, and a small bit about animation (Such as how many frames in a second.) before showing them examples of what they’ll be doing, including our work from last year.

We informed the class that they would be making an animation based around one of the four seasons and told them to think about what they want to do. One of us then took them to get some props and/or outfits while the other stayed behind and set up the tripod, camera and mac.IMG_0025 IMG_0021 IMG_0012

I gave them a brief explanation on how to use Pro Animate but answered any questions they had along the way. We gave them tips on how to improve it, for example, they’d shot a couple of frames and went back to check it and realised that it was moving much too quickly, so I told them that they’re making too big-a movements and to make smaller movements and take a picture, as oppose to what they were trying, which was to take rapid photos of actual movement. They took what I’d said on board, executed it and it worked.

Our little group chose summer and their animation features one of them on a body-board, swimming out to deeper waters, only to fall off and have to swim to the surface. We were a little unfortunate as we had trouble getting the camera to connect to the Mac, but once we did it, it was fairly smooth saving. The animation ended being about nine seconds long and worked well.

Once the animation had been shot, exported and saved, we gave out some questionnaires, asking how we did, and feedback was positive.



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Brodie Primrose

Director, Scriptwriter, Photographer, Actor, Comedian, Fool.

One thought on “Part D – Passing on an Art Skill Part Two”

  1. Brodie, you and Shaun worked well devising and delivering a stop motion animation workshop. You communicated well to the other students the technical aspect on how to use ProAnimate and take the frames. The students gave positive feedback, enjoyed the session which was creative and leant how to use ProAnimate.

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