Part D – Passing on an Art Skill

As part of the Arts Award, I had to pass on a skill I had learnt while at college, we could choose almost anything, such as Directing, Camera work, Animation, Acting, etc.

I will be teaching Stop-Motion animation as part of a group. We, as a group will be helping some first year students with something called “Time-lapse”, which we all did in our first year at college, it involves one person lying on the floor as a camera on a tripod is held above them as they partake in the animation as the “star”.

Before we went ahead with this, we had to come up with a plan on what we were going to do:

First, we introduce animation and ourselves so that the first years can get a bit of knowledge on animation before we start while also knowing who we are so they can put a name to a face.

Next, we will show an example of what they will be doing, this ensures they know what they will be doing will possibly giving them some ideas, examples of what we could show them include our ones from last year and the Amazon Kindle advert.

We will then teach some of the basics, such as how many frames make a second (24) and some of the terminology. This gives them the basic knowledge they need to get started and do it correctly.

We will then tell them what they’ll be doing, by which I mean getting into groups and making an animation with one of their members on the floor as the subject. This gives them a clear objective to aim for. Before we start we will answer any questions they might have.

We will then get them to set everything up. This includes the camera, tripod, background, props and costume. We do this because it will show them where everything is kept and teach them how to set everything up, it will also see if they can work together in an orderly fashion.

We will teach Pro Animate along the way as it is one of those things that needs to be shown or self-taught, rather than explained. Some people also find it easier to remember things if they work it out for themselves.

We will also answer any questions they might have along the way.

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Brodie Primrose

Director, Scriptwriter, Photographer, Actor, Comedian, Fool.

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